6 Reasons Why You Need Air Curtains In Your Restaurant

If you are a restaurant owner, keeping the debris and pests out of the premises is one of the challenges that you might come across. A pest-free compound is something that would please your customers. An air curtain is the best way to mitigate the problem. They are fitted over the main entrance door and create a foolproof air seal to prohibit the conditioned air from flowing out and keeping the dirt and debris away.

air curtain

The bar owners and restaurateurs use the air curtains to increase the rate of customer delight. Also, it minimizes energy costs and helps in maintaining sanitation standards. Some of the other ways how a commercial air curtain would be beneficial for a restaurant are mentioned below:

  • Increases Customer Comfort – In a restaurant business, where is so much competition, keeping the customers happy is a crucial aspect. Too hot or cold premises would be uncomfortable both for the customers and the staff. It is because of the air curtains that allow customers to sit or wait for a table in a comfortable, smoke-free zone close to the door. Great interior design and a good air curtain would retain the customer inside the restaurant for a longer duration.
  • Reduces Energy Costs – The heating system used in restaurants can be inefficient especially at large premises with open doors. The air curtains act as an invisible door that stops the inflow of external air and keeps the interior temperature soothing. Also, it has a positive impact on your heating system and you are saved from unnecessary bills.

air curtain

  • Promotes a Clean Environment – The air curtains have proved to keep the restaurant environment clean and healthy by controlling the invasion of insects, dust, pollen, and fumes of the traffic. The effective seal that they form re-circulates the facility air in an even flow across an open door which makes it difficult for the outside air to flow in through the air curtain.
  • Reduces Strain on Existing Heating or Cooling Systems – Through a logical air curtain, the heat loss through your restaurant doors are significantly reduced. When the heat loss is less, the heating system does not have to strain them to keep the place warm. The same mechanism applies to air conditioners during the summer period. Hence, their longevity and functional capacity increases.
  • Reduces Employee Turnover, Complaints and Absenteeism – When employees are happy, they don’t take leaves. You can make your employees happy by making their place of work comfortable. Air curtains help to keep the kitchen and service entry clean and free of intoxicating fumes. An air curtain helps to keep the temperature in control which allows the employees to work efficiently minimizing absenteeism.

air curtain

  • Promotes the Flow of Traffic into your Restaurant – An open door of a restaurant is a sign that the restaurant is open. It is also an inviting gesture that considerably improves the traffic of the customers inside the restaurant. When you have air curtains on your doors, you don’t have to worry about the inflow of cold air even when the doors are open.

Efficient air curtains would reduce heat loss and keep your building warm which would save your money in the business. It is a cost-effective solution for a healthy environment.

4 Reasons That Make Hiring A Locksmith In Ottawa A Fruitful Endeavor

When it comes to hiring locksmith in Ottawa, most people think that it becomes essential to contact such a service only during an emergency. They believe that they should call the service provider only when they are locked out of their car or home. However, in reality, locksmiths can offer a wide range of other services as well. For instance, they can help even during non-emergency situations. Here are some good reasons to consider hiring a professional locksmith service:

locksmith in ottawa

Locksmiths are discreet:

When you hire a professional locksmith, you can ensure that your keys will be secured. Professionals do not keep copies of keys with them. It means that you can stay confident that the copies of your keys will not get to inappropriate hands. Even when a new key should be made for your house or car, they will use a blank key. Once they complete the work, they will hand it over to you.

Locksmiths are versatile:

Obviously, people call locksmiths services in ottawa only during emergencies. However, these professionals can help in many situations as mentioned earlier. For instance, if you are finding that there are some minor issues with the locking system in your home, they will provide a solution. They can do this even for your home-safe systems. So not just for a lockout, they can help for installation and repairs to locks as well. Even, if you doubt the proper functioning of the locking system in your home, you can call them for an inspection. This help in addition to bringing you short-term benefits will also ensure that your locks will stay longer.

locksmith in ottawa

Locksmiths are reliable:

Emergencies can happen at any time. Understanding this, a professional locksmith in Ottawa are available round-the-clock to help you. Even if you are locked out of your car or home late at night, you can take advantage of their service. It means that you need not have to leave your vehicle in a subpar state for long. So, the round-the-clock availability of a locksmith is an essential advantage.

Locksmiths have the right tools:

One of the important reasons to hire professional locksmith services is the availability of the right tools. When you try opening a lock that is not properly locked, you might end up breaking it. On the other hand, when you hire a professional locksmith, they will have the right tools to carry out the work. They will complete the work with perfection without causing any damage to your lock or the key. They generally try cost-effective methods. If nothing works out, they will opt for the entire replacement of the locks.

locksmith in ottawa


In addition to the four reasons mentioned above, many other valid reasons reiterate hiring a locksmith service. Finding a licensed and insured service provider will bring you better benefits for sure. They are trained professionals to handle your lock installation and repairs at any time. So, you can confidently rely on them to get the best service.

You Should Book Fall Air Duct Cleaning – Know Why?

The summer days gives the alarm with heat to set everything for comfortable stay at home. You do some tasks like- repairing air conditioner, upgrading your air filter and fixing smart thermostat.

Once the summer goes, next comes the winter where you have to mind about the furnace maintenance. You also fetch for the hot water solutions.

duct cleaning in toronto

Apart from setting the electronic devices, you must book an autumn duct cleaning in Toronto. This is not the climate care but more important. Ducts are not seen as there are fixed underneath the floor of your house. The ducts are letting your family stay comfortable even the temperature lowers.

Air Ducts Are Filled With Allergens

The hidden ducts are filled with allergens. The unseen ducts which are full of allergens can impact the indoor air quality of your home. All the allergens are not harmful but the ducts take care of producing cool and warm air to your entire house. So, when the duct is producing the air, it also hits your house with allergens and pollutants which are bothersome and makes you stay uneasy.

The possible allergens inside the ducts-

  • Pet Dander- The animals fur and feathers that is shed goes into the duct.
  • Dust mites- Dust mites are bugs that are tiny and they produce maximum amount of waste.
  • Pollen- Pollen is something that comes from plants, trees and weeds. Pollen causes watery eyes, sore throat and runny nose if you are allergic to pollen.
  • Mold spores- Mold grows when there is moisture and food. Both are present inside the air ducts.

duct cleaning in toronto

You Can Save Money

We know that something that is filled with toxins and pollutants can never be effective. The same is applicable to the air ducts in your home. You must be thinking how repairing air ducts can save money, instead it lets you spend.

There are obstacles and blockings in the air ducts, that affects the functionality. Whereas the the air ducts with obstacles free works all fine. It becomes tougher for furnace to work in order to produce warm water. As the furnace working become tougher, it gradually gets damaged where you have to spend more money to repair it. You will also have to spend more money when you need to heat your home.

All these problems can be kept away when you clean the air ducts. It is always better to clear the ducts before you have to spend double the amount (when it is damaged)  than normal condition. Once you get an idea of cleaning the air ducts, approach duct cleaning in toronto.

duct cleaning in toronto

Proactively Beneficial

In late summer days and during early fall, weather is favourable. As you don’t need to use the air conditioner in for heat and furnace for heat water. It is called favourable because duct cleaning also creates bigger problems.

The bigger problems that duct cleaning results in is – gaps or leak points, loose grills and registers, damaged insulation. Even if you don’t need the air ducts but the cleaning of the ducts is important. Repairing the ducts gives you fresh air and clean air which doesn’t harm you severe or small health issues and well being.

To prevent any discomfort and health issues with toxicated air ducts, you must book for cleaning it. This makes sure that your family and home is on the safe side.

In The Peak Mattress Age, Canadian Entrepreneurs Took It Out!

There is no rest for local brands of mattresses, as they want to stand out in such a busy market.

Instagram is used by many brands of mattress-in-a-box, such as Haven Mattress Co., to promote their products. An image from an Edmonton-based boutique owner advertising Haven is part of such an Instagram Story.

Champ mattress-in-a-box on brands is facing O.G in a complicated industry, well. Douglas vs endy mattress can be analysed.

douglas vs endy mattress

A DTC mattress-in-a-box class has been flooded with undertakings looking to cash in with this new gold rush with such a low barrier-to-entry. CNBC claims that there are currently a total of 175 companies, with little to no way to separate them.

Entry ease means brands with slick marketing might be able to persuade Canadians to purchase a mattress from them at least one time, but if there is no good product to back that up, most of them won’t be around for a long haul, said Haven Mattress Co. Scott Amis, managing director.

“The entry price is a blessing, but it is also a challenge,” says Amis, who launched his business in 2016 with mattress-in-a-boxes. “You get such a bunch of college grades saying,’ let’s have a bunch of polyurethane & put a great logo on it & get some fashionistas to talk about it.’ But, yeah, this is going to sell for definitely in the short term, however, the reorder rate on the above item will likely not be that high.”

Although Casper & Endy executives have & continue to spend aggressively on everything from digital marketing to OOH ads and pop-up stores, smaller Canadian upstarts frequently run on marketing budgets that are shoestring. For example, Haven has developed a unique way of differentiating itself through its product line, making a vegan mattress & putting the popular front-and-centre money-maker in its messaging.

douglas vs endy mattress

“We are using foam based on plants. That was not on the radar of people in 2016, however as you develop it[ they will come], you know, “Amis says. “We’re a luxury brand, more costly, but we find people don’t mind paying more if that money has been spent on ingredients.” (However, the company was revolutionary at the time as American actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s trend-setting Glop newsletter recently celebrated vegan mattresses.)

douglas vs endy mattressThrough an ongoing relationship with Bryan & Sarah Baeumler of HGTV Canada fame, Haven has tapped the influence of a Canadian popular couple to help have the word out about their product. Partnering with the performers of several home-and-garden thematic reality shows that “it’s a good aim for us because the statistics of [ HGTV] indicate links to people who are joining this bed-in-a-box market,” notes Amis. Paradise mattresses have been published on HGTV’s Island of Bryan Television show (where the pair restores a rundown retreat) and the Baeumler clan has recently appeared in posts promoting vegan mattresses on Haven’s Instagram page.

Goodmorning.com (recognized as Novosbed until being changed in April) has concentrated on becoming a unique selling point of its company, producing several brands of mattresses, each addressing a different customer group through cost and product compatibility/performance. Brunswick, Douglas, Logan & Cove, Juno, Recore& Novosbed are the 6 brands of the Edmonton group.

Some Cheap Condos In The Sale At Toronto

Toronto stays one of the most blazing land showcases in the nation. Yet, that doesn’t mean modest apartment suites are difficult to discover. You can even now buy a spot to live for under $250,000.

We’ve collaborated with Zoocasa to present to you a rundown of the least expensive condominiums sold in Toronto between August 15 and September 15.

Peruse: First-Time Home Buyers Incentive Limits Torontonians To Buying Condos

These properties all sold for under $230,000 or less. Peruse on to discover more condos in North York!

  1. 703 – 4673 Jane St. — Sold for $119,000

condos in north york


Washrooms: 1

Parking: 1

Sq. Film: 500 – 599

Situated in the Rockcliffe-Smythe neighborhood, this apartment suite sold for $6,000 under the asking cost. This is about as modest as living gets in the city. Near supermarkets, shops, a library, and open travel, this apartment suite is well-put for all your living needs.

  1. 107 – 50 Gulliver Rd. — Sold for $200,000

Rooms: 0

Washrooms: 1

Parking: 0

Sq. Film: 0 – 499

Unfortunately, there are no photographs accessible in the posting for this small townhouse. Arranged in the curious North York neighborhood of Amesbury, there are heaps of nearby stops here. A five-moment walk takes you to a little shopping complex home to a McDonalds and a few different organizations.


  1. 501 – 4064 Lawrence Ave. E — Sold for $203,000

condos in north york

Rooms: 2

Washrooms: 1

Parking: 1

Sq. Film: 1000 – 1199

This posting is near York University’s Glendon Campus just as each convenience important. Portrayed as a “Speculator’s Dream,” this two-story loft is home to two major rooms. Not awful at the cost!



  1. 907 – 235 Grandravine Dr. Sold for $218,000

condos in north york

Rooms: 1

Washrooms: 1

Parking: 1

Sq. Film: 600 – 699

Right in the Jane-Finch neighborhood, this posting is a reasonable one room with open travel directly outside. You’ll likely need to bounce on the transport in the event that you need to get to conveniences, as supermarkets are a strong twenty-moment leave.


  1. 510 – 800 Kennedy Rd. Sold for $230,000

condos in north york

Rooms: 2

Washrooms: 1

Parking: 1

Sq. Film: 800 – 899

This Scarborough home is found minutes from the Kennedy tram and GO stations. This is a perfect spot to live on the off chance that you need simple access to open travel and different luxuries. All that you need is a minute’s from this moderate apartment suite.

So these are the condos in North York available. Check out now!

Top Trends in Kitchen Design for 2019

This list shows some of the top trends for custom kitchens for 2019 which will help you change the outlook of your kitchen completely.

custom kitchens

  1. The rise of Smart Kitchens

A lot of new technology has made its way into the kitchen space. Many functions and appliances are integrated starting from kitchen cabinets to a refrigerator, which make tasks simpler and quicker. This has given rise to smart kitchens in homes in cities like Vaughan. Designs of smart kitchens are evolving every single day and many things are being modified from the ground up. Older kitchens are being revamped using sensors and smart gadgets as per homemaker’s desire. Motion sensing enabled kitchen faucets can detect the presence of hands underneath. Smart refrigerators can check and display groceries items which are running low. Coffee makers are programmed to prepare coffee as per your wake-up time. Gadgets which can monitor the condition of the eggs can be quite useful as well. A smart lighting system which can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet can save a lot of energy. Experimenting with smart kitchen technologies has become one of the biggest trends in 2018.

custom kitchens in toronto

  1. Colorful Cabinets 

White custom kitchens are still a big favorite for many homeowners. These white cabinets add a clean and beautiful look to the kitchen. They are timeless and are suitable for any kitchen style. Other than white, which will continue to be popular in the future among homemakers in a city like Vaughan, people prefer light colored paints or wood stain colors. Mixing of finishes can create some unique outlook too.

Gray is the second choice for many folks just after white. Gray custom kitchens look amazing with some natural elements or glamour accents. White and gray are always popular as kitchen cabinet colors. To the other extreme end of the color palette, dark jewel tones such as black, navy, emerald green and plum look elegant for custom kitchens.  Dark kitchen cabinets enhance a kitchen space due to its luxurious feel and subtle dramatic essence.  But, too much dark color can make the room feel perpetually dark. But the number of homeowners in cities like Vaughan opting for dark custom kitchen cabinet colors is increasing steadily. Unlike white and gray colors, dark colors will get more popular with time.

  1. Streamlined Designs and Materials

More and more homeowners prefer streamlined designs for overall aesthetic and styles like the farmhouse and mid-century modern. People prefer simplicity. To make the kitchen appear much larger and brighter, people are removing upper wall cabinets. Most people can’t reach the top shelves of the kitchen cabinets and removing them helps in making the countertop space more productive. Rough cut wood brings in natural elements or metal tubing gives and industrial outlook. Ceilings with coffered, tray and wood beams look great too.

  1. Use of Quartz 

Quartz is still preferred for high-end kitchen countertops. It is extremely durable, last forever, easy to maintain and is anti-microbial. The main competitor is Granite which requires slightly more maintenance.

Thanks to technology, a wide range of colors for quartz countertops is available to choose from. Quartz finishes with exotic swirls and large veining are available to look like materials like natural stone. These unique styles have become immensely popular. The trend is shifting towards more neutral colors. Homeowners in cities like Vaughan are opting for color finishes such as gray, taupe, creamy or white.

The latest trend also shows the rising popularity of composite sinks made from the same material as the countertop. This creates a cleaner and uniform look and maintenance becomes easier. Although stainless steel and farmhouse sinks are still popular.

kitchens in toronto

  1. Optimized Kitchen Cabinetry

To overcome any storage-related challenges, homeowners in cities like Vaughan are trying to optimize the custom kitchen cabinet space. Tweaks like appliance garages, drawer dividers, pullouts for spices, tray dividers, as well as wastebasket cabinets are being used. These help in storing foods, drinks and small appliances easily.

  1. Stylish Appliances

One of the latest trends of 2018 is the use of gray-toned appliances which has a dark brushed metal finish. Induction cook-tops and steam ovens have become “must-have” appliance. French Door wall ovens are not only stylish but have Bluetooth and can be controlled remotely using a smartphone

  1. Flooring with exotic materials

Hardwood flooring is preferred by lots of homeowners just like wood finish custom kitchen. But ceramic flooring which comes in a wide variety of designs and styles are getting a lot of attention. Ceramic tiles can be designed to look like hardwood flooring or have a natural stone finish.

custom kitchens Canada

  1. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have become focal points and the hub of the kitchen. The primary purpose of a kitchen island is to have storage cabinets and to provide seating for casual dining or drinking.

  1. Pet-Friendly and safe Kitchen space

Baby proofing the kitchen is very important. Latest trends show that a lot of ideas are emerging for a pet-friendly kitchen.  One solution is to get a feeding station, which is usually at the end of a kitchen cabinet or in the corner where you can store pet food. A kitchen island with a custom-made doggy bed underneath the countertop is another great idea.